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  Report on Activities of the IWU AAUP Chapter 2009-10 Chapter Activities

The primary activities of the IWU AAUP Chapter during the 2009-10 Academic Year were the following:

1. Create a chapter website, which can be found at http://www.iwu.edu/~iwuaaup/.

2. Conduct a governance survey, the result of which can be found at the chapter website.

3. Purchase Redbooks to give to officers of the Board of Trustees and chairs of PAT and the Hearing Committee.

Chapter Finances

The chapter began the year with a balance of $3,806.31. Since the chapter does not collect dues, our only regular income is from interest, which totaled $37.53 during the last year. We also received a chapter grant of $193 from the Illinois Conference of the AAUP. We purchased 20 Redbooks for a total of $306.10, two of which we sold at cost to chapter members. We also paid $19.95 for a surveymonkey subscription because Provost Cunningham refused our request to have the university administer the survey.

We ended the year with a the balance
of $3,741.39.

Planned Activities for the Coming Year

Our main activities for the upcoming year are to organize a reading group of Cary Nelson's book "No University is an Island" and to host the fall meeting of the State Conference on our campus, which is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 2. We hope to
have Cary on campus for a presentation to the reading group during the fall.

Joerg Tiede,
IWU AAUP Chapter