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2013 Summer Institute Registration Begins

Registration is open for the 2013 Summer Institute!

The Summer Institute is the premier resource for developing the faculty voice on campus. This intensive, four-day series of workshops and seminars will prepare you to organize your colleagues, stand up for academic freedom, and advocate for research and teaching as the core priority of higher education.

The 2013 Summer Institute will include workshops on:

  • organizing your colleagues
  • organizing new collective bargaining chapters
  • strengthening shared governance and academic freedom protections on campus
  • analyzing institutions’ audited financial statements
  • bargaining and administering contracts
  • building active, influential chapters and state conferences
  • creating successful contract campaigns
  • using communications to mobilize your members
  • addressing sexual assault on campus through policy and procedures
  • protecting intellectual property and evaluating on-line education
  • building diversity in AAUP leadership
  • developing key contract language
  • building coalitions on campus
  • planning creative mass actions in support of your issues
  • ...and more.
To register and read more, visit: http://www.aaupcbc.org/event/2013-aaup-cbc-summer-institute