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Join me at the 2014 Summer Institute


I need your help with something. Across the country, faculty and academic staff are losing ground to a corporate agenda on campus. You’ve probably seen it at your own institution—more management control, higher tuition for students, and less and less room for the faculty voice.

The only way to reverse these trends is to come together and organize. And there’s no better place to start that process than the AAUP/AAUP-CBC Summer Institute at Hofstra University, July 17-20.

See the workshops we’re offering and register today. (http://www.aaup.org/event/2014-summer-institute)

In my remarks at the 2014 AAUP Annual Meeting, I talked about the relationship between what’s happening in our colleges and universities and the growing inequality in our society. Higher education should prepare the next generation of educated citizens, a mission that would be better served by empowering faculty. But we can’t reverse these currents of inequality unless we come together with a common purpose.

At the Summer Institute, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other academic activists. You’ll learn about AAUP policies and standards. And you’ll work with trainers and colleagues to develop organizing skills you can take back to your campus.

Register today for the Summer Institute. (http://www.aaup.org/event/2014-summer-institute)

In Solidarity,
Rudy Fichtenbaum
AAUP President