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The next hundred years

Dear Colleague,

This isn’t another message about higher education in crisis.

This is a message about what higher education should be.

Today, the AAUP is launching our Centennial Declaration—a charter of values that should define the colleges and universities of the twenty-first century. I’m asking all AAUP members to sign on as a show of their commitment to these goals.

Read the AAUP Centennial Declaration and sign it today.

Our Centennial Declaration is important because it defines the qualities of a higher education system that fosters academic freedom and shared governance. The academic standards that AAUP has defended for the last one hundred years make vital contributions to the public good. But those standards cannot flourish without strong public colleges and universities. If higher education is threatened as a public good, then so are AAUP principles.

Take a stand for public higher education and sign the AAUP Centennial Declaration.

We’ll use these signatures to show trustees, administrators, lawmakers, and other faculty that we demand a better university for the twenty-first century.

Together, we can recapture the promise of public higher education. A strong AAUP depends on it.

In Solidarity,

Rudy Fichtenbaum
AAUP President