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AAUP Foundation

Greetings from the AAUP Foundation!

In June, the AAUP celebrated its work over the past one hundred years to promote academic freedom, shared governance, and quality higher education. As we look back over the past century, we must also think about the future.

As a member of the higher education community, you know that attacks on academic freedom and shared governance, exploitation of contingent faculty labor, and misappropriation of faculty intellectual property are rampant. The AAUP Foundation exists to counter these assaults and to strengthen higher education by supporting the AAUP’s principles of academic freedom and shared governance.

This academic year, the Foundation helped defray legal costs for an adjunct professor and active union officer who was summarily dismissed after criticizing her administration’s treatment of adjuncts. We gave financial support to Steven Salaita, who is without salary while he contests his dismissal from the University of Illinois on academic freedom grounds. And we funded the publication of the AAUP’s Journal of Academic Freedom. These and other grants helped counter the trend toward corporatization in academe and strengthen understanding of academic freedom issues. There is much more we could do—but only with support from people like you.

Will you help us protect quality higher education for future generations of faculty and students?

Please visit www.aaupfoundation.org/donate and make your tax-deductible gift today!


—Henry Reichman, Chair, AAUP Foundation