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A Petition to Protect Higher Education in Illinois

In response to the ongoing crisis in Illinois politics that threatens funding of public colleges and universities as well as state aid to students, a petition has been started at change.org, titled “Protect Higher Education in Illinois.” The petition reads:

To our duly elected officials in state government:

We, the undersigned, have a direct interest in the state’s prioritization of public higher education within the ongoing state budget debate. On the heels of a 13 year divestment in funding for state higher education, we now find ourselves months into a budgetary standoff that has required universities to operate in a complete absence of state funds. State budget inaction will directly impact time-to-degree for students who cannot complete expected and required coursework due to scaled back course offerings or lack of access to financial aid. It is time for the state to fulfill its promise to public university students and their families with a rapid and adequate infusion of state funds. Moreover, it is time to recommit to investing in our public universities as engines of progress for our state.

Do not shut out the lights on public higher education.