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  DePaul Bans Cannabis Group

DePaul administrators have banned recognition of a student group, Students for Cannabis Policy Reform (SCPR). DePaul Vice President for Student Affairs James R. Doyle explained the ban to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, “Considerable research indicates that the use of cannabis does not contribute to healthy decision-making.” Of course, considerable research indicates that the use of censorship does not contribute to healthy decision-making on campus, too. The SCPR is a group that promotes changes in political policy, and cannibis can be used for many purposes other than smoking. Doyle claimed, “My issue was advocating a group on campus that was interested in legalization of the drug. I would, however, fully support a program for open discussion and debate on campus, and that is the main difference.” But the only way to have open debate of an issue is to allow the existence of student groups that argue any side of the topic they want to.